What I treasure in and about your book is the opportunity you are offering us all, to take an in-depth look into the possibility that there is a logical, un-interrupted flow and symmetry to our Holy Bible. You invite us on a walk through the pages of time with GOD and His only Son and the truth of teaching. Our Bible is not confusion and always follows the object of the predicate.

I appreciate your research and documentation and that it is always presented at-once on-page-by-on-page whereas we readers do not have to go searching through footnotes to verify your view being presented at the moment of reading..,  the thread of thought is never lost, never interrupted.

As you know for two years using The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance I was busy translating back to original languages from the King James Version, (where the preface clearly suggests one should do so), and over those two years a strong conviction began to burn in me. I’m convinced it was my Holy Spirit convicting me to realize that many religious teachings are misleading and confusing and have little or no foundation in Biblical Truth. More than this, in my heart I came to know that some of these religious teachings are  direct enticements to follow the enemy. For several years it had been my strong desire to share what I have come to realize in a concise and presentable format that is neither insulting nor accusing. I very soon realized it was not my time and I was not qualified to present such a truth.

Your book accomplishes this. Your book is a breath of air. It is proof that we no longer have to be confused or tricked.  

My belief and my prayer after reading your book is that others with any question in their hearts regarding the teachings they’ve been receiving.., others who have been for sometime aware of a sense of confusion about the instructions they’re receiving on our Holy Bible, will reach out, will contact you, will challenge what they are being taught  utilizing the tools you’ve laid-out before all of us in your book. I pray folks will begin to do research and to ask Father God to Unlock the scriptures for them.

I pray that your book will convict every reader of the truth; GOD IS and IS OUR GIVER and is never a taker and is never duplicitous. Duplicity is always the enemy. Our GOD IS an awesome GOD who reigns down HIS love for HIS glory for all who will eat of HIS word for none are worthy but all who are willing may receive and live under HIS authority by the Grace of OUR LORD CHRIST JESUS.

Thank you for taking awesome and copious notes on deep studies, through literal detective work nowadays, into the most essential book on our shelves. More than this, thank you for your loyalty and devotion for you have printed it to share with anyone who is seeking truth or may not even know they’re being deceived but will take a moment to begin reading Wind Of Strange Doctrines.